Traditional events on the Curonian Spit

Traditional events on the Curonian Spit 2016
Date: 27.05.2016
Event: the  X.  Regional Children and Youth Dance Festival "Hello Summer!"
Place: Juodkrante
Date: 21-22.05.2016
Event: Festival of Sacred Music „Laudate Dominum“
Place: Evangelical church in Juodkrante, Evangelical church in Nida
Date: 27 – 29.05.2016
Event: Summer season-opening celebration „Hello Neringa“
Place: different places in Nida
Date: 04.06.2016
Event: the VII. International Cultural Education Project "Dancing Neringa 2016"
Place: Culture centre “Agila” (Taikos Str. 4, Nida)
Date: 18-30.06.2016
Event: the XV. International Organ Music Festival
Place: Evangelical church in Nida
Date: 24-26.06.2016
Event: XVIII. International Folklore Festival for Midsummer "Tek sauluze ant maraciu".
At the Midsummer festival, there are many participants – ensembles of folk music and folk dances from whole Lithuania and abroad.  This event has become a most significant cultural event in the Curonian Spit.
Place: different places on the Curonian Spit
Date: 01 – 05.07.2016
Event: The IV International festival - competition of young dancers and vocalists „Baltic Voice 2016“
Place: Open air stage in Juodkrante
Date: 06-15.07.2016
Event: the XII. International Chamber Music Festival ,,Nepaklusniuju zeme“.
Place: Culture Centre „Agila“, Evangelical church in Juodkrante and other places
Date: 09.07.2016
Event: Fisherman's Festival
Summer celebration, which is reminiscent of the traditional fishing in the Curonian Spit.
Place: Port of Nida and Juodkrante
Date: 16-23.07.2016
Event: the XX. International Thomas Mann Festival.
Festival concerts, art exhibitions, literature afternoons, film nights at the lighthouse of Nida. The varied cultural events have found a loyal audience in Lithuania and abroad.
Date: 25 – 26.07.2016
Event: Sailboat - Regatta (traditional and historic boats) „Burpilis 2016”
Date: 26.07-15.08.2016
Event: XVIII. International Festival of Chamber Music ,,Curonian Spit 2016“.
Performances of the best-known representatives of chamber music from Lithuania and the other Baltic countries.
Place: Evangelical Church in Nida and Juodkrante
Date: 02 – 07.08.2016
Event: International Regatta in the Curonian Lagoon
Ort: Port of Nida
Date: 11 – 13.08.2016
Event:  the International Jazz Music Festival
Performances in Nida
Date: 10.08.2016
Event: the XIX. International festival of classical music „Music August at the beach”.
Performances in Nida and Juodkrante
Date: 13-14.08.2016
Event: Old crafts days on the Curonian Spit
Prehistoric and medieval handicrafts performances accompaniment by various folklore ensembles.
Date: 27.08.2016
Event: IX. Folklore Festival „Pusk vejuzi! 2016”
Place: Culture centre of Ludwig Resa in Juodkrante
Date: 04.09-10.10.2016
Event: Kamer -, vocal and choral music festival „VOX ACADEMIA“
Performances in Nida and Juodkrante
Date: 04-18.09.2016
Event: XXII. Artist plenary in the tradition of "The Bridge" Painter
Place: Culture centre “Agila” and other places on the Curonian Spit
Date: 22.09.2016
Event: autumnal equinox celebration
Place: Amber Bay in Juodkrante

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