Tours to St. Petersburg

The highlights of St. Petersburg

Spend five amazing days and discover the beauty of Imperial St. Petersburg! Feel welcome in the city full of legends, tales, amazing palaces, stunning architecture and interesting museums.

St. Petersburg - Venice of the North

This tour gives you an exciting opportunity to get to know with St. Petersburg and to explore this enchanting city with its most famous attractions. One week here will pack your soul and the memory full of greatest impressions. 

The Route of Pushkin and Dostoevsky

St. Petersburg was the source of inspiration for many Russian writers. Uncover the secrets of Russian Literature heroes - Pushkin and Dostoevsky, visit their memorial museums and explore splendours of modern and historic city. 

7-days Russian Capitals

Start your truly amazing Russian experience with exploring its former and present capitals. From the majestic architecture of St. Petersburg to the diverse culture in Moscow - hidden delights awaits you.

9- days Moscow & St. Petersburg

The tour introduces tourists to the two capitals that played the leading role in the history of Russia: Moscow - one of the worlds' greatest megalopolises and St. Petersburg – majestic historical city. All in one tour! 

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