Curonian Spit Tours

Curonian Spit - here begins your holiday! The longest, unspoiled, natural sandy beaches. Centuries-old Curonian history. Unique dune landscapes and endless pine forests. On your trip to the Curonian Spit experience the unique, indescribable splendor that has been created by man and nature.

Tour offers

Let yourself be inspired by our travel examples on the Curonian Spit. Here we offer a selection of popular group and individual tours. We will prepare an offer suited on your preferences.

Leisure activities

There are so many possibilities, to spend your time on the Curonian Spit interesting and exciting. Young or older, solo traveller or a group - there is the right offer for everyone.

Traditional events on the Curonian Spit

We present the most popular traditional events on the Curonian Spit. In addition to the national and religious festivals, in the summer we offer a variety of cultural events.


Book your accommodation with us on the Curonian Spit! Whether for holidays with the family, friends, or rather only for two - we will always find the right accommodation for you!

Transfer Services

From the airport, ferry terminals and train or bus stations, no matter the destination, in the Baltics we will provide a suitable transport for your transfer.

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